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Seasonal Information 

Ensure you plan ahead to make firework season go much more smoothly for you and your pets.

Here are some simple things you can do in the run up to fireworks season:

4-6 weeks before

- build a den or safe place. A covered crate or table with a blanket with work well. Make sure to provide toys and rewards/treats when your pet uses the den, making it feel like a positive place to retreat to. Make sure you are able to shut blinds/curtains to avoid your pet being able to see the fireworks.

- check their microchip ID is up to date (or microchip your pet if not done so already)

- consider starting an anti-anxiety medication such as zylkene, calmex or speak to your vet about other possible medications. Place pheromones/calming products in a location your pet prefers to be. These can be used to increase the dogs capacity to relax.

- Ensure you keep your cats in at night, provide a litter tray for them to use indoors. Try your best to walk your dog earlier in the evening, before dusk to avoid being out during fiirework displays. Do not take dogs to firework displays or events. 

- If concerned, seek further behavioural advice from an expert.

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