Flea & Worming Treatments 

Flea treatment prescriptions

It is a legal requirement that in order to dispense prescription flea and worming treatments, your pet must have had a checkup with a Vet within the past 12 months.

If it has been more than 12months since we have seen your pet, a Vet will need to examine your pet and a consultation fee will be applied in order to prescribe any necessary flea/worming treatment.

There are some products which are not Prescription Only Medications - Veterinary (POM-V) such as Advantage, which you can purchase from us over the counter.

We offer a great value annual flea and worm treatment package, please call the practice for further details.

These include the following products:

  • Profender
  • Stronghold and Stronghold plus
  • Bravecto 
  • Prinovox (spot on)
  • Simparica(chewable tablet)

All include worming tablets within the deal - Milpro and Endoguard. These are to be given every 6 months when also giving flea treatment along side it. 

Year Round Flea Protection

Most people are aware fleas and ticks are more commonly found and seen during periods of warmer weather such as the spring and summer months. However, as indoor temperatures rise in the home during the cooler months, the home actually provides the perfect breeding ground for fleas and infestations.

This year we have seen a huge rise in flea infestations within our homes and on our pets. As well as treating your pet all year round, we highly recommend treating your home with a household spray and frequently vacumming and washing your pets bedding.

If your dog is walked by a dog walker or pet visits a boarding kennel, please be aware, although your pet may be treated, he or she may be exposed to fleas or other parasites in shared accommodation/cars with other pets.

Please see the following information on RIP household flea spray:



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